Building inground fibreglass pools

Pros and Cons of Fibreglass Pools

A fibreglass swimming pool is not a simple curvy object, it is rather a one-piece structure that is completely made of fibreglass materials. How fibreglass pools are manufactured These fibreglass materials is approximately around three-eighths inches in thickness that means layers upon layers of fibreglass are attached to each other to form a strong fibreglass…

Natural Pools Building Courtyard and Plunge Pools

Courtyard Pools

Installing a courtyard or plunge pool can vastly increase the value of your home, as well as providing you with an attractive outdoor area that’s perfect for entertaining, especially in the summer months. Courtyard pools provide an ideal solution for areas with limited space …

Natural Pools Indoor Lap Pools for Family Workouts 08

Lap Pools

The long and narrow length of lap pools makes them ideal for swimming laps, providing a fantastic form of exercise that promotes a healthy lifestyle. They’re also ideal for installation within backyards and other areas that are narrow and wouldn’t fit a standard pool.

Natural Pools Specilists in Building Indoor Pools

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools are ideal for those who need 24/7 access to a pool regardless of the weather. They also offer swimmers protection from harsh UV rays and the heat of the Melbourne sun. It’s also possible to control the climate of an indoor pool, as well as the water quality.

Natural Pools Builder of Exclusive Architectural Pools

Architectural Pools

An architectural pool will imbue your home with exceptional style, improving overall aesthetics while providing you with a functional swimming pool. An attractive, well-designed swimming pool can also add value to your home while increasing desirability …

Natural Pools Building Fibreglass Pools in Melbourne 08

Fibreglass Pools

Natural Pools have partnered with Miami Pools in order to offer our range of fibreglass pools. Fibreglass pools are famous for their ease of maintenance, affordability, durability and their versatility. This coupled with Natural Pools’ award-winning design and construction.